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Energy Essentials

We tackle complex problems in the energy market, together with you, our specialists and our robust Vertex platform.

In brief

We focus primarily on facilitating and designing processes for Programme Responsible Parties (PRPs) Balancing Service Providers (BSPs) and suppliers in the energy market. The strength of Energy Essentials lies in the combination of a team of professionals, deep knowledge of the energy market and our powerful automation platform Vertex.

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We help existing and new players in the energy market to shape complex transitions.
Our specialists
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To optimise processes, link market parties and exchange information between them.
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A smart solution that reduces the costs of complex document layout and makes management transparent again.
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The world around us

Energy market in transition

Players in the energy market must continuously adjust their processes and revenue model as a result of international environmental objectives, changes in legislation, an increase in decentralised production and storage, changing customer requirements and ever faster developing information technology. Consumers and producers are transforming into prosumers who want to respond flexibly to market prices that will fluctuate more and more on an hourly basis. As a result, the activities of various market parties, such as suppliers, programme-responsible parties and aggregators, are becoming more dynamic and it must be possible to respond to changes quickly. This places high demands on the quality, availability and flexibility of solutions.

How we can help you with these transitions

What we do

We assist market parties in the execution of their operational activities and automation. We have built solutions for both lead-to-contract and meter-to-cash processes and are able to manage and maintain complex IT landscapes. We are specialists in the field of system balancing, pricing and areas such as forecasting, allocation, nomination, reconciliation and associated message exchange (Tennet, EDSN and GTS) are familiar areas for us.

We try to bring out the best in our people in all our projects. We prefer a no-nonsense approach and like to keep things simple. But we also don’t give up easy if something threatens to become difficult. Are you curious about our approach and how we can improve your processes, so you can keep your focus on what really matters? We’d love to hear from you!

We work hard on our products
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VERTEX offers solutions to support and automate processes such as energy purchasing, delivery, pricing, messaging, forecasting, system balancing, maintenance and billing.

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A smart solution that reduces the costs of complex document layout and makes management transparent again.