About Energy Essentials

Energy trading and program management play a key role in the electricity and gas market. Due to changing market conditions, wholesale processes will increasingly merge with energy supply processes in the energy value chain. This not only requires a professional but also more flexible interpretation of wholesale processes.

Who We Are

The team of Energy Essentials has gained significant experience with wholesale and associated supply processes, and delivers robust solutions and consultancy services in this area. The wholesale & supplier solutions cover a wide area, from supporting legislative market processes up to full takeover of all operational activities. Energy Essentials applies a native IT foundation using a design based on the latest IT technologies. This foundation contains all necessary features and has been proven at various market parties. Hence, wholesale activities are an inherent part of the strength of your proposition and not merely a legal obligation.

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Why choose Energy Essentials

Energy Essentials focuses primarily on facilitating and designing energy wholesale and supply processes. The strength of Energy Essentials lies in the combination of its expert team and the way IT technology & process design is applied.

The team offers many years of experience in the market of wholesale and supply activities and offers the best possible support in both the strategic orientation and the design and implementation phase. Using the latest IT technology, the Energy Essentials team is able to offer efficient and effective support. Through knowledge of Service Oriented Architecture and Business Process Management, we support, and deliver greater flexibility and better integration with your existing systems or business partners. This combination makes Energy Essentials a high quality, reliable, reasonable value for money Solutions and Services partner.

Working at Energy Essentials

Passion for software development

Working on smart business processes

Energy Essentials is a rapidly growing company and is continuously looking out for talent.

Our drive is to build innovative solutions for our customers based upon the latest technologies and best practices available. As we believe working at Energy Essentials should be considered fun, we don’t have any tight standardized job profiles. The work activities are therefore organized according to the different roles fulfilled within different projects. Using these principles we try to use employees to the best of their abilities, such that the team continuously gains more insights in the whole process.