Challenges in the Market

Wholesale activities are necessary and essential for suppliers and consumers. Due to the lack of field experience and advantages in scale it is not easy for a market player to set them up.

Market Developments

The value chain of the energy market is continuously changing because of changes in legislation, decentralized power plants, changing customer needs and the advance of information technology, including smart meters.

Changing market chain

The value chain is becoming more complex, where the emphasis is increasingly placed on the distributed, interactive nature of energy consumption and production. The activities of various market parties (grid operator, supplier and wholesale) will become more dynamic and mutual dependent on each other. This also applies to wholesale activities. There will be increasingly higher demands regarding quality, efficiency and flexibility of solutions.


VERTEX platform

Connecting different market parties and exchanging information between them, will be one of the key differentiators in the new energy market. For this purpose we developed our software platform VERTEX.

VERTEX is a modular designed solution for energy supply and balance responsible processes. VERTEX manages time series, tasks and automates processes and calculations in order to offer, price, forecast, procure and invoice energy exchange. Also part of the VERTEX family is DocGen, a stand alone documentation generation solution which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office Word.

Proven track record

Energy Essentials understands your needs in this area as in the course of many years, we have gained field experience in the needs of a wholesale supplier and ARP (Access Responsible Party). We ensure that your wholesale operations can be designed, developed, configured and incorporated into your supply processes at minimal costs, using the latest IT and event driven process technologies. Moreover we support market parties with the establishment of a consistent set of business processes and appropriate IT support including all facets of the new market model and smart meters.