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Realizing that IT will be essential for the transformation of the energy sector. Three industry experts founded EnergyEssentials in 2013 and started providing IT support to energy companies.

While also building the proprietary Energy Data Platform VERTEX.
Today, VERTEX supports processes across the entire value chain of energy supply. Enabling energy companies to gain control over and insight into their core processes.


We are Energy Essentials

Your partner in Digital transformation

We help energy companies
design→ , build → and manage → digital infrastructures
that enables them to successfully operate
in a complex, data-driven energy market
and increase their performance across the entire value chain.

Our belief: a sustainable energy system


Working with us

EnergyEssentials has over a decade of experience in providing automation software solutions to empower Energy companies.


Combined, our team has decades of hands-on experience in the energy sector, varying from: trading, portfolio management, program responsibility and supplier processes.
On different levels, from operational to executive.

Analytical Skills

The education level is high, making our team members well equipped to quickly get to the core of a problem and use their analytical skills to generate insightful information from large datasets.

Problem solvers!

We offer solutions! We do not stop at making software available or at the completion of an assignment, but we think along and help until everything works as it should.

Software engineering

The team is familiar with various programming languages and data analytic tools.

Trusted by leading Energy retailers

Let's Work Together!

Start your digital transformation journey today with our Energy Data Platform and discover what’s possible for your business tomorrow.