Balancing Services

  • Business rule engine for detailed configuration of different balancing methods.
  • Real-time collection and automatic processing of (measurement) data.
  • Determining balancing instructions based on set regimes / forecasts and real-time data.
  • Communication with local dispatch and control systems for execution of the balancing instructions.
  • Configurable monitoring and control dashboards.
Balancing Services


FCR (Frequency Containment Reserves), aFFR (Frequency Restoration Reserves), mFFR (manual Frequency Restoration Reserves) and passive imbalance control.


Battery, wind turbines, Solar panels, spread over different locations

Real-time data ingestion

  • Modeluitvoering gebruikt hot data
  • De uitkomsten worden direct terug op de bus gezet
  • Cold data opslag voor analyse en afrekening
  • Aggregatie naar 15 min data voor intraday forecast

Beheer van modellen/assets

  • Beheer van gebruikte tijdseries en assets
  • Debugmogelijkheden
  • Audit trailing van scripts, logging, berichten
  • Versiebeheer van scripts
  • Instelbare grenzen van kanzen op prijzen
  • Inzicht hebben in gedraaide schedules/jobs

Monitoring activities on streaming data

7-23, 7 days a week monitoring & operational follow up.


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