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From design to concept to support, we meet your AUTOMATION challenges in the ENERGY MARKET in lockstep with you.


We start each collaboration by analyzing the existing IT landscape, processes and business model.

This helps us to determine the most suitable infrastructure, applications and configuration. The design will be finalized upon approval of all stakeholders within the company

  • ZAs-Is Assessment
  • ZSpecification of Requirements
  • ZIT-Design
  • ZImplementation plan

Our Specialist

“My team thrives on seeing their projects through to completion to solve our customers’ challenging applications.”

Willem Boskaljon

Product Owner

“Whether it’s customizing a standard product or an entire system, we consistently solve difficult problems for our customers.”

Michael Fraets

Business Developer


We combine our own state of the art software solutions with the most suitable platform- and application services available in the marketspace and integrate them with the company’s existing infrastructure.

During the whole process, our team works side-to-side with the company’s team to ensure maximum ownership and usability.

  • ZDeployment of platform (Vertex)
  • ZApplication configuration
  • ZConfigure big data processing engine
  • ZSetup Interfaces & integration

Our Specialist

“There’s never one way to design and build a pipeline for moving data from point A to point B. At Energy Essentials we always strive for elegant and simple designs that are not over-architected”
Roelof Kuijpers

Lead Data Engineer

“I use my physics background and energy market data processing skills to produce meaningful information.”
Loes Huijnen

Data Scientist


After deployment, the EnergyEssentials team will be readily available for providing support to the business.

From our control room → we actively monitor all critical processes and data flows to ensure maximum availability and performance.

  • ZApplication management
  • ZDatabase management
  • ZInfra management
  • ZBusiness support

Our Specialist

“We share our technical knowledge with customers and educate them on the most effective ways to solve their most complex challenges.”

Stefan van der Horst

Senior Software Developer

“I enjoy making things for our customers as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Sonja Kovaleva

Mathematics Consultant

Infrastructure Services

  • Support in setting up active data center
  • Setting up a public cloud with containers
  • IT Infrastructure with connectivity for message handling for suppliers and BRPs
  • SFTP, REST, SOAP, IP filtering
  • OpenVPN & IPSEC tunneling
  • Big data streams
  • DBA & system management
  • Application management
  • Weekend shift →

Our Specialist

“With our team of developers, business consultants, support engineers and mathematicians, we support multiple organizations in the energy/utilities market within their core business.”

Yorick Smeets

Lead Software Engineeer

“In addition to troubleshooting, we answer questions, conduct training and suggest better solutions for new projects.”

Rob Kalmar

Senior Administrator

Monitoring activities

Process monitoring and control
on streaming data

7-23, 7 days a week monitoring & operational follow up.


Scheduled related monitoring:

  • Short term forecast
  • APX bids
  • FCR bids / settlement messages
  • APX results & E program before gate closure


  • Message traffic EDSN & Tennet
  • Big data streams
  • Flex algorithm
  • Montel pricing data
  • Intraday forecast


  • Message traffic
  • System performance
  • Planned scripts execution
  • Mismatch E program
Big-data0streams -vertex


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